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Experience the fantastic free2play Anime MMORPG Fiesta Online and dive into the magical world of Isya. Fight together with your friends and save the world of Fiesta Online while you enjoy exciting quests that will develop your character according to your wishes and find many new friends. Fiesta Online offers you as a free2play Anime MMORPG not only an active and friendly community but also many daily challenges.
  • Choose your role as hero of Isya from six different character classes
  • Enjoy the high-resolution 3D anime graphics in the colorful world of Fiesta Online
  • Experience 135 levels full of fun, challenges and daily new tasks
  • Make new friends in the great Fiesta Online Community
  • Experience a new type of team play through the mentor system, the major guilds and numerous in-game events
  • Choose from hundreds of outfits and dances to celebrate with your friends 


The Warrior in Fiesta Online is a melee fighter that is able to deal and to take a high amount of damage. With the highest value in life points he can whithstand a lot and also produce great damage, depending on your main weapon or even strengthen its defense. He is particularly suitable as a tank, which binds the enemies in a group so that his companions are able to defeat them.
The Priest is the only class in Fiesta Online which can heal both himself and his companions. He is always welcome in groups through his buffs and supportive skills. As a supporter his damage is not high but in return he is able to hold up a lot of damage thanks to his quite high life points.
The Archer is one of the ranged classes in Fiesta Online which specializes in the damage caused by direct attacks with his bow and debilitating poisons. The Archer is able to fight against single and multiple opponents very powerful. This is not only due the high damage of the hunter but also because of his great evasive skills, which can save him many times.
The Mage relies in Fiesta Online on his magical powers and uses them not only for the direct damage against opponents but also to summon their own allies. As a Mage you are particularly specialized in causing damage to multiple enemies at once. In the other hand you are quite fragile and can´t hold up to high provided damage.
The Joker is a further melee class in Fiesta Online which specializes in the high damage to single enemies in no time. Especially his “damage over time” skills and his ability to carry a weapon in each hand, make him a dangerous class.
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Lots of Level Ups!

Fiesta Online celebrates 20 million level-ups and organized to mark the occasion a big tournament.

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