Goodgame Galaxy

The futuristic sci-fi MMO Goodgame Galaxy puts you in command of a space station. Your task is simple: seize absolute power within the endless expanses of space. However, your interstellar neighbors won't just sit by idly and watch... so beware!
The right type of technology combined with suitable resources enable you to expand your base and strengthen your fleet. Amounts needed are displayed as tool tips. Read on for a few valuable tips to ensure you don't perish in the race for absolute power of the galaxy: upgrade some titanium plants and fusion reactors instead of stuffing your base full of manufacturing units, and place some artillery in the center of your base. You're welcome!
  • Build a space station with up to 30 building modules
  • Exciting missions and attractive rewards
  • Strategic tower defense and space battles in real time
  • Found mighty alliances in multiplayer mode
  • Select one of three different factions
  • Fleets of up to six types of space ship

Game Info

You can immediately select from three different factions. Servana Inc., Lucky Star Systems and ProtoSyn are not only characterized by different technologies, they also all vie for your support. Select one of these groups at the start and your missions and objectives alter accordingly.
Raw materials
In Goodgame Galaxy you must supply yourself with three types of raw materials, from the titanium plant, the silicon smelter and the fusion reactor. Every resource building provides you with different production rates as well as armor and experience points depending on the level of upgrade.
Gun turrets
The inhabitants of your base want protection. And the best way to ensure this is with stationary gun turrets. Deftly place laser cannons, plasma guns, EMP projectors, railguns and ion gatlings and soon you will be near-invincible!
  • Factions
  • Raw materials
  • Gun turrets


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