Shadow Kings

Delve into the comical fantasy world of Shadow Kings: Build a flourishing metropolis, engage in trade and boost the economy! Be a good ruler and your subjects will even pay taxes. Conquer one outpost after another and your power will grow! But watch out! Now you have to defend them from orcs, goblins and trolls! In the free browser game Shadow Kings, it is your strategic ability that will determine whether yours will be victory or defeat. Although you can go it alone, allying yourself with other players will help you overcome difficult challenges more easily. Regular PvE and PvP events will show what you and your army are made of. 
  • Your own town, which you can expand as you see fit
  • A vibrant world with comical 3D graphics
  • Raw materials production and trade that influence your economy
  • Epic battles between good and evil
  • Strategy and action with regular events
  • Beneficial alliances and complex diplomacy
  • Endless entertainment – on your own or with the community

Game Info


You are stronger as one! Ally yourself with the Wizard, for the bookworm image is deceiving! In close combat he can cast powerful shields. Or call an efficient Mystic to your side. However, his love for gold and anything shiny could pose a risk. 

Elves and Dwarves

Literally cut through multiple enemies with a single strike by the Halberdier! You can also always count on the belligerence of the attractive Elven Archers! The dwarves, on the other hand, provide a somewhat less pleasing sight to behold, yet as allies they are indispensable.


Beware of the small goblins hunting in packs or the uncontrollable raging Orc Berserker! Should you spy a Spearthrower, then quiver in fear and don't let his peaceful exterior fool you... but a strong army will surely allow you to take them all down!

  • Allies
  • Elves and Dwarves
  • Enemies


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